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Espais Escrits

Catalan Literary Heritage Network.

Espais Escrits. Xarxa del Patrimoni Literari Català (Written Spaces. Catalan Literary Heritage Network) was first hatched back in the 1990s within the gatherings of the Association of Foundations and Houses of Spanish Writers (ACAMFE). There, a group of Catalan houses noticed that we shared a common problem, namely the scarce presence of the memory of Catalan writers in the literature dissemination circuits, and the difficult professional situation of the heads of different centres. This situation led the group to approach the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (Institution of Catalan Belles-Lettres, ILC) about the ned to create a communication tool which could connect the different centres working in the Catalan literary heritage and disseminate them to both the public at large and scholars.

The process was slow, but finally on the 23rd of April 2002, the Directory of Houses, Museums and Archives of Catalan-Language Writers was unveiled at Barcelona’s Palau Marc. The directory was the first step in emplacing the writers’ archives, geographically locating them and having their contact information with the goal of adding other information later, such as catalogues of collections, literary routes and activities. In Folgueroles in June 2003, the decision was taken to legally incorporate the organisation. Espais Escrits. Xarxa del patrimoni literari català (Written Spaces. Catalan Literary Heritage Network) was officially founded two years later with the support of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (Institution of Catalan Belles-Lettres).