Del 19/11/2020 al 31/12/2020

Malamar is the creative signature in which is hidden (but at the same time unveils) Anna Contreras. The illustrations, photographs and texts are the pretext in which she tries day-to-day to understand better the world where she lives by sharing concerns, feelings and emotions while exploring the corners of her mind, facing up to a full-of-nostalgia bittersweet past. The artist from L’Escala, currently residing in Araucania (Chile), submerged herself into the artistic-creative world since her childhood, motivated by her mother. She did so by going to the painting workshops of Dolors Ventós, going deep into the art of photography thanks to her father, with a first plastic film-based camera that seemed a toy, and feeling encouraged to write inspired by her brother. She’s never stopped holding the pencil ever since, and she’s also engaged in observing and enjoying the world around her with a more pictorial, poetic and positive filter all the same.

Segona lliçó: vida senzilla is a little fruit of, after five years living away from home, a quest of different languages and creative expressions so as to admit the acknowledgement of new progress and the need to free feelings and emotions after a first big hard lesson, though with an evolution towards a new and more positive philosophy of life with values acquired from a more modest everyday nature.

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