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Just four years after her first face-to-face exhibition in Peralada, Marta Arañó and her Tinta i Vi project return with VIMART (Wine, Sea and Art) in digital format and with the same spirit. In this update, part of the work coincides with the 2017 face-to-face exhibition and some other artworks are newly created.

The technique of painting with wine is the result of a series of transformations that occur over time and that together with the path of a brushstroke, accompanied by the blackness of the ink, make a game with so much interaction, the birth of a work of art.

Marta Arañó is an artist from Barcelona living in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, where she also has her art studio, with a long career in the world of art and currently dedicated to painting with wine. Natural wines, unhandled and transformed on a sheet of paper. She dedicates her work to all winegrowers for their effort and dedication, and to wine lovers by giving them the chance to have their favourite wine transformed into another work of art, in this case transferred to a canvas or sheet. The wineries themselves can see their wine (their work of art) transformed into another format. She also conducts workshops and activities everywhere.

"The wine is alive and ages on the sheet, showing maturity with the chromatic beauty given by the passage of time"

Wines of the world, with a lot of personality, that leave their mark to enjoy a work of art that ceases to be ephemeral and transforms into lasting. As the author states, wine is an exciting journey of experiences.

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