The Pirinexus route offers 353km of tracks in France and Catalonia for lovers of cycling, hiking, culture, history and gastronomy. Pirinexus passes through a total of 8 counties and 53 towns, including Peralada. It combines sections of Via Verde cycle tracks with other byways such as rural trails or country lanes.

The link between Catalonia and the Eastern Pyrenees makes this a cross-border cyclo-tourism network.

The Pirinexus stages that go through Peralada are:

Stage 5: Capmany - Peralada (1): We arrive at the Empordà plains. Empordà and its wines.

The first section of this stretch (3 km) is the last descent before arriving at the Empordà plains. Although it is a gentle descent (gradient of 4%), it is made up of non-paved paths. Once on the plain, the paths improve (compact gravel) and are flat. From Vilarnadal the route proceeds alongside small canals and irrigation ditches. In case of heavy rain it may be neccessary to dismount to cross the stream at Torrelles.

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Pirinexus - Stage 5

Stage 6: Capmany - Peralada (2): The wine, cava and viscounty of Peralada

This entire stage is flat. After Peralada we will have to cross the River Llobregat first, and then the Muga where we take the Muga Nature Walk, a greenway that follows the river along to the river mouth. The route is not recommended in heavy rain when the alternative GIV-6042 from Peralada to Vilanova should be used.

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Pirinexus - Stage 6

Stage 7: Peralada-Castelló d’Empúries

Following the natural course of the Muga river we arrive at Castelló d’Empúries, an historic medieval town with a grand heritage. Here we cross the Muga by the old bridge and continue south along well kept farm paths.

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Pirinexus - Stage 7